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Corporate Training Solutions

ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd(EECPL) has reinvented training solutions. The core team works round the year to develop and innovate newer training methods, solutions for Industrial and Financial Sector. EECPL is here to improve your Company's performance by maximizing internal productivity and performance for customers through a range of proprietary programs and workforce development. All of our programs, including FINFOOT, our revolutionary program are designed to bridge the gap between skill building and performance, are designed specifically to improve profitability. Trainings are designed in both classroom and E format to achieve higher employee participation.

The courses are developed after a thorough research on the topic and reviews and feedback of past participants. Courses are custom designed to suit the varied needs of Top management to Middle level managers to shop floor workforce.Special videos and fun based games form a core part of our training programs.

EECPL is the leader in trainings design in India. We have developed more training programs than anyone else in this business. Our new range of programs include Employee Health, Safety, Compliance & Legal trainings. Reach out to us for the best trainings customised for you.

The trainings thus developed for you are sold to you and hence and becomes your propreitary material.Your company acquires the copyright for such trainings. EECPL's comprehensive package however lends you support for Modifications/Updations/Corrections for two years.

A talented team of passionate and seasoned business people delivers this work. They are the kind of people who quickly build rapport and trust and get to the core of issues and resolution quickly. Most have advanced degrees and all have proven managerial experience in the business world.

Our Best Known Programs:-

  • FINFOOT (A finance program for non finance managers and students)- Especially developed for Engineering & Manufacturing Industries with large technical workforce.
  • Building Sales Effectiveness(BSE)- India No.1 program designed to deliver the best results through your sales team. Developed for more than 20 companies, this program has worked wonders and changed the landscape of these companies.
  • Financial Risk Management Program(E-Learning)- With our unmateched expertise in financial and risk management trainings, this program lends the right support to your organisation for managing risk.
  • New Hire Orientation/Team Building(NHO)- Make the new entrants understand your company the right way. Develop the NHO training module for your company for effective orientation of the new employees. This program can be developed on both In-person training & E-learning format.
  • To get a complete list of our training programs and how we can customize training solutions for you, send your query to trainingdesign@elkindia.com.

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This fun and interactive list of training programs will not only optimize your company’s performance but also efficiently customize training solutions. To get the desirable training designs, send your queries at trainingdesign@elkindia.com.