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MBA Placement Company Korporate Konnect is the corporate relations managment arm of ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd. We manage the relationship of your Institution/University with the outside world. We are managing corporate relations for some of the best Management & Engineering colleges in India. Our team has wealth of industry experience and a multi level industry network. Our due diligence activity is a check list of about 150 objective questions and 50 descriptive questions through which we intend to gather data and operational status of the institute. The due diligence shall also bring to light the inside information for the institute to the management of Institute. The information obtained during the process is used to generate reports for discussions and formulate the right strategy for best mix of events and programs for the Institute.Korporate Konnect lays prime importance to its due diligence activity in order to innovate the right mix of implementable programs and events for the Institute. Below is a list of key information parameters that will searched upon during the process:

Five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting:-

  • Management overview of the Institute. It's vision for the institute in next 2-3 years.
  • Course schedule, course content, course effectiveness and comparison of course structure with other similar Institutes. In case of university guided programs, course implementation in the right spirit is researched.
  • Analysis of the admission process. Profile and background of students joining your institute. This information puts to light the needs of an average group of students from your Institute.
  • Study of Intelligence quotient, Emotional Quotient and inter personal relations score for students and faculty team. This puts to light the right fit of companies for your students. Defines the space for target companies to conduct their placement activities.
  • Faculty and trainer profile for the institute. Detailed average score of faculty in terms of educational qualifications and expertise of the subject matter.
  • Infrastructural facilities existing at the institute. Comparison with infrastructural facilities at similar in the city and outside cities.
  • Student's grievances against the institute. Study in terms of lack of support from faculty, too rigid schedules or improper industry interface. Challenges faced by alumni of the Institute shall also be brought to light
  • Expectation of students from the Institute in terms of education, knowledge, career development, social programmes and placements from the institute.
  • Academic result of students in the final examinations. Pattern or behavior in such results. Subjects where students find it easy to score.
  • Industry visits done for students in any academic year. Industry interface provided to students through visiting faculty.
  • Events or conferences organized by the Institute. Events or conferences participated by the Institute students and faculty. Visit of eminent people at the campus.
  • Books recommended for students and library resource finding. Journals or newsletter subscriptions for the library.
  • Thought provoking exercises or management games organized at the Institute. Off site visits planned through the institute.
  • Institute film or identity for corporate presentations available at the institute. Level of participation for the newsletter published by the Institute.
  • Participation of the faculty at paper presentations, conferences and HR meets across the country.
  • List of student exchange and faculty exchange programmes existing at the institute. Effectiveness and other management colleges participating in the exchange programmes.
  • Conduct of placement week pr pre placement trainings at the Institute. Conduct of professional grooming seminars or interview participation skills.
  • Percentage of students placed from the campus in last three years. Average package of students placed from the Institute. 19. Profile of companies participated in the placement process at the campus.
  • Student and faculty participation at the social or environment supportive projects.
  • List of faculty development programs undertaken at the Institute. Various MDP programmes running at the Institute. Profile of participants and trainers for such events.
  • Details of alumni association and alumni meet conducted by the Institute. Call of alumni for industry tips for the existing students.
  • Advisory board for the institute and its repute at the national level.
  • Any accreditations for the Institute of national or international level. Response structure to companies interested at recruitment activities.
  • nstitute perception score at the university or affiliation level. In case of private colleges without any affiliations, perception score at the industry level.


The due diligence process takes about 8-9 working days for its completion in information gathering and data collection. It generally takes another 4-5 working days for report generation and submission.

Korporate Konnect

Korporate Konnect is India's premier corporate relations management company. Korporate Konnect- Making your Institute relations with the 'Corporate World', Work in your advantage.Korporate Konnect is an advisory cum execution Company enabling Management Institutes grow faster through the right mix of Industry relations. Management Institutes need to have a higher brand recall ratio for Students, Academicians & Industry. While media advertisements are least effective, they also do not create any competitive advantage for you. Korporate Konnect offers the right blend of carefully structured brand building activities for your group of Institutions. Our team is a mix of technocrats with over 10 years of working experience at senior levels in the Indian Corporate World.

Report Generation and line of action

The report for due diligence shall be a confidential document and shall be submitted to the educational institute in person. We shall submit three copies of the report. The report shall be easy to interpret and shall have descriptive analysis backed with graphs and pictures of the institute. The report shall be property of the management of the institute and will be used for firming up the action plan for the institute. Korporate Konnect will not store this information in either soft or hard format after submission of the due diligence report to the institute.

Annexure "B"- Action Plan

Korporate Konnect shall be at the forefront for a meeting with the management, director and senior team members for understanding the due diligence report. The report shall be described in detail with a presentation and will be validated with data or proofs wherever required. A feedback on the due diligence report from the Institution management team shall be collected and used for our internal purposes. In the due diligence presentation, Korporate Konnect shall suggest a road map for execution of various events and programmes at the Institution. We shall however remain open to management's feedback and thought line and shall make necessary changes in accordance. The algorithm for development of final action plan is as below:

For event or activity as proposed shall be supported by its relevant rationale and key expected outcomes. Some examples of the events or activities may be:

  • Pitch to Corporates for recruitments
  • Pitch to companies for MOU'
  • Popular visiting faculty
  • Conduct of inter college paper presentation
  • Conduct of seminars for industry interface building
  • Conduct of environment friendly or rural supportive projects
  • Organizing knowledge week
  • Formation of advisory panel.
  • Conduct of faculty development programmes
  • Organizing industry visits of students. Arranging lectures from industry experts
  • Planning for offsites for students and conduct of E-learning management games
  • Participation in events from other reputed institutes.For more details, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at korporate.konnect@elkindia.com

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The belief behind Korporate Konnect is to build an efficacious relationship of your institutewith the corporate world. This is achieved through brand building activities. We conduct detailed research and gather gamut of information about your institute. For further details, you can reach us at korporate. konnect@elkindia.com.