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PhD Thesis Proofreading Services in India

Thesis proofreading is a rather unique service provided by ELK. Students and researchers have come to understand that impression of diligent work pays more than just doing something slipshod and presenting it before the panel. So given the rising trends of taking the help from professionals for proofing of the final draft of the thesis, we at ELK have introduced thesis proofreading services.

The span of our thesis proofreading services is rather much more than what is usually taken for as the normal ambit of proofing. It starts from checking the final draft and identifying the errors or even the doubts and ends with making necessary changes in the same. However, the intricacies involved in the interim processes are what make our thesis proofreading services unique.

The process of proofing/editing starts with the client providing us with the details of the final draft or the manuscript that has to be proofread. We deploy the task of thesis proofreading not to mere proofreaders but to personnel who have exposure to the subject concerned. In this regard, it would not be out of place to mention here that the academic profiles of our proofreaders are also enviable. All of them are Masters in their respective subjects and have exposure to research activities. This has given us an extra edge in delegating the proofreading work to people who are in fact capable of editing the manuscripts or drafts. Also, given the level of expertise they have finding faults with the draft or locating ambiguities becomes very easy for them. Again, even the slightest speck of ambiguity is dealt with the same eye for nuance as is it happens in the case of a major fault. So the rigour involved in the process of proofing makes our services truly world class.

The next aspect that is taken care of is the minor errors in language. Our proofreaders have received special training from the language trainers of www.elkindia.com so that they know grammar and usage of the language better and also do not make mistakes while writing. This adds to the credentials of our thesis proofreading services since the language checking part is also adequately taken care of. Also, this is in fact the task of an editor to go over the draft and suggest or do the necessary editing. But given the level of proficiency of our proofing experts, we can safely get these minor editing jobs done as part of the proofreading schemes.

As far as the intricacies of our proofreading of the theses our clients provide us with are concerned, the entire system is process oriented and there is a predetermined scheme of events that each draft goes through before it is finally handed over to our clients. As mentioned before, it starts with a cursory glance and ends with a rigorous checking of all the errors that are there in the draft. The first check is just a cursory glance but that is what normal proofreading is all about. Our actual services start from the second check when the proofreading also includes finding not only what is not in parity with the original manuscript or earlier corrected drafts but also includes searching for inconsistencies and doubts that are again asked from the clients. This minimizes errors drastically and also leaves with no place for ambiguities or errors. Our proofreading services for thesis consist of a series of steps that include primary checking, looking for errors, inconsistencies or doubts, and doing a final language check of the thesis draft. These sequences of events make our services truly unmatched as well as unparalleled in this particular industry.

As compared to other similar service providers, ELK provides thesis proofreading services that are much more detailed and comprehensive as well as reliable. Our proofing services are much more trustworthy given the level of responsibility we share with the client in going over the draft while not only ensuring parity with the original manuscript but also going an extra mile in ensuring that the minor errors are also corrected. This has been possible only because of the qualified personnel that we employ exclusively for these services. And the results are highly optimistic and convey the message that our decision has been absolutely correct to the extent that we have already successfully served thousands of students and researchers in the domain of thesis proofreading services.

The rates for our thesis proofreading services vary in accordance with the nature and extent of the chosen services in this particular area. Simple ongoing proofreading services are available which are in tune with just like any other similar service provider. However, more detailed and elaborate plans are also on offer. These include special services for language check and searching for inconsistencies in the drafts and fixing the same. Again, subject related proofing of theses is also possible, albeit at a separate price. Moreover, there are various plans that include a couple of services and then of course economy packs are also extant especially for students who are in need of such services badly but do not have economic freedom as yet. Further information regarding our rates and details of our plans can be obtained by contacting our project managers.

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