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E-Learning Content Development Process

The procedure of creating content in an e-learning determines the usefulness of the module so developed. E-learning content development process is the most important part of the complete e-learning creation. The procedure of development of e-learning content is all about making it interactive, fulfilling the learning objectives, creation of a high quality content and having its universal applicability by confirming to SCORM or AICC.

The terms mentioned above carry a grave significance for EECPL. Interactive nature of the content not just means having an input from the learner but for us it means involving the learner throughout the module and ensuring his or her attention in the complete e-learning, which results in knowledge creation and not just a mandatory learning. Similarly when it comes to accomplishing the learning objectives we ensure that not just the aim of the learning is fulfilled but also a value addition is achieved both for the learner and the organization in totality. Furthermore while creating an interactive content and achieving the learning objectives, we do not undermine the quality of content. The content appropriateness and suitability is one of the most important aspects which are adhered to by us.

Also the e-learning content development process of EECPL takes into account the conformity to the SCORM i.e. Sharable Content Object Reference Model or AICC levels. This means that the e-learning content so created can not only be applied universally but also the results of the e-learning can be monitored by the organization for its learners through the use of LMS or learning management systems.

The procedure followed by EECPL for creation of e-learning content can be depicted as under

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