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Elk Education consultants pvt ltd(EECPL) has strong abilities in undertaking research and analysis work. As the Indian education system evolves, the need of faster and dependable research partner will grow exponentially. EECPL has extensive network of doctorate holders and research guides who help the aspirants to complete their thesis writing more effectively.

EECPL offers ethical, expert and comprehensive support in conducting the research. Starting from identification of a topic to preparation of synopsis, primary and secondary data collection, the statistical analysis using SPSS, SAS or Minitab, data analysis : the support is complete. There is direct interaction with the student and the guide. We however do not offer ready thesis material. Immoral help to students to cheat for their thesis/dissertations or essay is not undertaken under any circumstances.

Our ability to carry research for thesis writing has been validated by the fact that lot of corporates rely on us for research activities and data analysis. Formulation of model based on past research and execution of new research with development of parameters is also undertaken in the assistance work. EECPL has to its credit completion of various market research projects and also consumer surveys.

The final thesis work presented is 100% original with no trace of plagiarism. Wherever the content is directly sourced, it is referenced appropiately in any of Harvard, APA, MLA or Chicago styles. Grant proposal help is also offered by us. There is no manipulation done on the collection of primary data. The statistical analysis is done by our inhouse experts. The above expert service make us your preferred choice for thesis writing services, thesis editing services, dissertation writing services, dissertation editing services, expert thesis help, thesis statistics help, thesis spss help and dissertation statistics help.

The editing services for thesis and dissertation have been the popular services of all. Thesis editing is done based on the requirement of style, feedback received and not just english grammar and spell check. We also undertake thesis/dissertation translation services from arabic/chinese/japanese to English.

In the normal course the thesis/dissertation is developed in the following order:

1. Topic identification.

2. Synopsis formulation.

3. Approval of synopsis.

4. Literature review.

5. Research Methodology + Formulation of model.

6. Data collection.

7. Data analysis.

8. Findings & conclusion,

A typical thesis goes uptil 60,000 - 80,000 words in length. Our help includes providing relevant support documents in the form of journal papers, academic content from where thesis writing can become relatively easier and a smooth process. Extensive support is offered for Statistical help using latest softwares like SAS, SPSS, R, Stata, Minitab, Matlab and many more.

Ethical PhD Thesis Services: Need of the Time

Are you aware of the differences between ethical Thesis services and some of their less desirable competition? The differences are many and they have a tremendous impact on the results for the student.

Why are ethical Thesis writing services the "need of the time"? Just consider that the advent of the Internet has made it easier than ever for people to find and "borrow" information from other scholars or documents. Because of the speed of the Internet, there has also been a tremendous "boom" in the amount of plagiarism done by so-called Thesis services as well. Thus, a savvy student is not going to rapidly enter into a relationship with any business of this kind without first checking out their services, policies, and credentials.

One of the first things to look for when seeking truly ethical Thesis services is a pre-existing period of existence. Does the service have a few years of background or history? If so, you can probably trust that their work is original and reliable. So, what about ethical Thesis services? This will mean that they are dedicated to avoiding plagiarism, or even claims of it. They probably will not hand out "samples" of work because they won't risk re-printing one of their client's projects before a pre-arranged time span.

For example, a very good service is not likely to use any of their custom jobs for at least ten full years from the time that they were created. This is the only way to guarantee that the client's Thesis has not only been approved and graded, but will not be at any risk for questioning by professors or scholars.

Remember too that ethics can also mean giving a client their proverbial "money's worth". This will tend to indicate that an ethical company is going to do a lot more than just run the document through a spelling and grammar check. In fact, the best services will do the layout according to the student's university guidelines and preferences. The service will also manage the citations, and even offer services to check their validity or accuracy as well.

Keeping in line with an ethical approach to work, a good service will also point out areas of grammatical or contextual weakness to a student, and make suggestions for improvement too.

Ethical business practices are a bit of a challenge when it is a Thesis service being discussed. This is due to the nature of intellectual issues, but a reliable service will find ways to give students the help they need without bending the rules.

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