Management Games

ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd (EECPL) is the thought leader to make education fun and its effect long lasting. Best learning is done when learning is fun and interesting. The effects of such learning are far reaching and ensure that student are clear with the basics.

Management Games is a new initiative in Indian management education space, wherein we developed customised management games( Both classroom based and E-learning based) for students and faculty. The games are developed by India's most appreciated creative team with rich knowledge in management education and industry expereince. The games are designed to make students understand the basic concepts of management education and use them for real life problem solving.

The classroom based management games include:

1. Financial Football.

2. BSE- Building Sales Effectiveness.

3. BTT- Bank To Treasury

The E-learning games are designed specifically for each institute. The management games team at EECPL works with the faculty of the institute to develop the games most suited for their students. The games thus developed are highly interactive and developed in Flash. The standard pack of management games include 100 games with different education concepts and base work.

To contact our team for development for management games, send us an email at