Interactive Trainings Design

Interactive Trainings Design

Training is a learning mechanism which consists of acquiring knowledge, enhancement of skills, development of concepts etc. The objectives of training can be diverse depending on the needs of the organization or institution and similarly the method of imparting training can also vary all across, however the one thing that remains common among all the trainings is that they need to be interactive in nature. Interactive training design is a method of ensuring trainee participation in the training.

In e-learning mode of trainings, interactivity plays a substantial role in the successful delivery of training. ELK Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is one of the few organizations that are at the forefront of e-training design and lays great emphasis on developing interactive trainings for the diverse sections of the industry.

At EECPL interactive training design is the core focus for e-learning training design. The whole process of designing e-learning trainings revolves around the theme of interactivity for us. It is a step by step approach that is followed for designing e-trainings. First step is to identify the field in which the employees and members of an organization require training. For this training need identification is employed and the area of improvement is located. Once the particular segment has been identified then the next step is to chart out the objectives of training in synchronization with organization's goals.

From here on the real job of designing the training starts, for which the core team works and subject matter experts work in tandem with Instructional designers to develop an interactive training. As the training is developed on e-learning platform the significance of interaction in the same is quite high and is acknowledged by ID's and SME's during the design process. Once the training is design process is complete, the same is reviewed by industry experts and their feedback is incorporated in the design. After this a trial run of the training is conducted over a section of target audience and their feedback is taken on the various aspects of training. This feedback is analyzed by the core group and the recommendations are adapted in the training. The final product is now ready to be given to the target group for which the training was created.

EECPL is constantly churning out new and interactive trainings on the e-learning platform for the varied training needs of different people. We develop trainings for the various levels and fields in the organization as middle management or top management or sales, or operations etc. Further we also develop trainings for various industries as well including manufacturing, telecom, services, finance, hospitality, medical, tourism etc.

To know more on the concept of e-learning interactive training design and how we can create a training to fulfill the needs of your employees and organization, just fill in the details on the quick form and we will get back to you with our unique products customized especially for you.