Industrial Training Design

ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd(EECPL) is India's leading training design company. We are a team of HR and Technical experts striving for excellence at training design. Started in year 2004, we have already served over fifty clients in Industrial/Manufacturing segment ranging from Steel & heavy metals industry, Chemical Process Industry, Assembly units, Power generation units, Mining Companies, Equipment Manufacturing, Automobile manufacturing, Paint & Paper companies.
Our holistic approach makes you cut down on the Training & Development expenses whilst improving on training impact and effectiveness. We work as a team with your core functional teams and ensure that thus developed trainings satisfy your business needs. With our expertise and strength of the research team you are sure to achieve your business objective with comparative ease.

Our Methodology :

Strengthening the existing business can be a major strategy in its own right. No organisation can afford to stand still but must continuously strive for higher levels of performance. This may be in terms of greater productivity, increased efficiency or higher quality of goods or services. Aiming to achieve these above goals will put additional pressure on the employees of the organisation.
We base our method of trainings design that they get developed for the business needs. Business needs stated in financial terms is simply More Profits. We lay strong emphasis that trainings must be driven by the business needs of the organisation. If the link to business needs can be established this will ensure that the training is focused on the real issues and demonstrates its relevance to the business. It also will help companies to evaluate training programs easily as the end results will directly impact the business results.

Training Needs Analysis :

We have divided our training needs analysis into five different types of analysis. Our core team works with your management and technical heads to identify and suggest the most suitable training required for your organisation.
Context Analysis
Participants Analysis
Work Analysis.
Content Analysis.
Suitability & Cost Benefit Analysis.

Training Design :

Based on the results of the TNA, EECPL will develop the best training programs for you. We go in-depth to understand the processes and functions involved in your organisation to give you the most effective set of training programs.

Trainings are developed after thorough analysis of the business needs and existing performance gap. Our team uses scientific methods for evolving the right mix of attitudinal and skill based training modules. A detailed plan and execution schedule of trainings is provided in this phase of our work.

Some of the typical training programs that get developed in Industrial/Manufacturing organisations include :
Technical skill trainings.
Equipment usage trainings.
Maintenance trainings.
Process control trainings.
Quality and Quality control trainings.
Safety and compliance trainings.
Tooling & Set up trainings.
Leadership trainings- Managerial workforce.
Finance Trainings- Accounts & Finance workforce.
Time management trainings.
Code of conduct trainings.
Building Sales Effectiveness : Sales Workforce trainings.
Workplace hygiene and health related trainings.

Types of Training Modules :

The training design is done to ensure that the trainings are effective and involve participation from the work force. We at EECPL develop training modules on various platforms including :

In-Person, Classroom training modules. It includes pre course material, relevant examples and cases from your organisation, workbook etc.
Self-study modules- E-Learning web based training modules.
Motion pictures, Video clips for process cycle trainings.
Training Booklets, Information handouts.

Manual or handbook development :

We also develop a detailed manual/information handout detailing each and every of some specific job roles for your organisation. The manuals thus developed prove to be a handy source of information and also act as a reference manual.

The manuals are complete with minuet details and pictures for easy understanding for the entire workforce.
Continuous Up gradation :

EECPL offers continuous up gradation of the trainings once designed. We also work closely with leadership team of your organisation to introduce the new trainings and modify/alter existing trainings.

Training the in-house Trainer :

We make sure that you save cost for your training programs. We will train your trainer (We call this "training the trainers"), who will be your existing employees to the easy to use and handle training programs.

Trainings are more effective and apt if they are done by an in-house employee rather than a outsider blowing his own trumpet.

Request a Quote :

We are sure that you are interested in our services. Send us a email at trainingdesign@elkindia.combriefing about your company to find out more about us.