Bank/Financial Institutions Training Design

Trainings form the core of Banking & Financial Institutions. This industry is most risk prone. Banks/FI's manage and underwrite risk on a daily basis. They also are big marketing and selling houses as all financials need to be sold.

Banks/Financial Institutions need to follow the stringent and ever changing guidelines and policies of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). They also have the maximum number of legal cases to be handled. Banks/Financial institutions participate in the equity market and are also subject to the most dynamic international economic environment.

Human capital is the greatest asset for such companies. Continuous, Meaningful, As per owns policy and practical training is the best tool to enhance employee performance and risk communication. Need based trainings reduce ambiguity at workplace and ensure 100% compliance at office. Trainings keep the employees motivated and give them a chance to expand their horizons.

Elkindia answers some of the most complex questions of trainings for Banks/Financial Institutions. We are a foremost company offering the complete range of trainings solutions that will help you to reduce your trainings cost by more than 40%.

The research team for training design for Banks/FI's comprises of eminent personnel from the HR, Finance, Accounts, Risk Management, Sales and Analysis. This enriched team has worked wonders in designing the apt training programs for a number of financial houses in India. Research has shown that developing need based and organization specific trainings improves the effectiveness of the training by over 400%. It also reduces your cost, time & energy.

Various Platforms of Training:

· Event based in person training by EECPL Specialists.
· Trainings delivered by your own employees in person. (Few employees will get trained as trainers by EECPL
· Live trainings over the internet.
· Self Study, E-Learning Modules.
· Specially developed Modules/Books for Self Study.
· Certification tests.

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