E-Learning Content Design

E-learning Content Design is the heart and soul of any e-learning development process. The designing of content forms the foundation of an e-learning. How effective an e-learning is, depends on how strong the foundation of content design is. The term content design on its own defines what it stands for i.e. blueprint of the content or the framework of what an e-learning would consist of. It is the platform on which the structure of e-learning stands.

At EECPL, we lay a great importance on E-learning content design and for us it is the core of all our e-learning modules. It is at the design stage that the interactivity is introduced in the content. We follow the learner perspective approach for design of the content. The content to be designed is analyzed first from the viewpoint of the learner. How a learner would like to have the content structured, is what forms the backdrop of our content design process.

Once the learner's viewpoint is taken into consideration then we apply the instructor approach to this framework. This helps to induce the learning objectives in the content in a suitable manner, so that effective learning takes place and the ultimate aim of the e-learning is accomplished. We have a content review board which is responsible for the overall management of content design; in any e-learning that comes out of EECPL. This board consists of people from various fields of life including experts from various divisions of industry, learned individuals from the field of education; student's currently undergoing education in different fields and a host of other people who contribute to the design of content in a definite way. In addition we also take input from the audience of the e-learning and the client so as to have synchronization between the expectation and the material being conceptualized.

The content designed by EECPL has the key ingredient of interactivity. Interaction is one of the core areas of focus in the design stage of our e-learning content. Being knowledge based organization we are aware of the fact that holding a learner's attention is the key in an e-learning and it is where a majority of e-learning modules fail. We lay a strong emphasis on making the modules interactive and interesting for the learner and for the same our core team focuses on the aspects of interactive nature of the content being designed. We follow a two way learning process rather than a one way teaching mechanism.

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