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E-Learning has emerged as the best solution for delivering online and effective learning regardless of the physical location, day or time and the electronic device. The technology mediated training and learning percentage is constantly increasing in India. The higher education sector is opening up in India with large corporate houses entering the business of education. ELK Education consultants Pvt Ltd (EECPL) provides the most effective and reliable E content design and E-Learning content development solutions/services. With our clients from India, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, USA, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Netherlands, Spain and Canada, we have completed some of most intricate E Learning content development projects.

From simulations to interactive content design to operator training videos, our team provides the best possible solution for your E Learning content development needs. The developed content can be offered in SCORM 1.2, 1.4 complaince apart from standard work compliance methods.

E- Learning content development at EECPL is done by a team of experts who have rich experience in related fields. Our differentiating factor for E Learning content design is that we house subject matter experts and provide solutions which help the learners achieve their desired objectives.

E-learning in higher education in India is important as India's is disperse enough to reach every nook and corner. The E-learning that appeared in the early part of decade is not the same as it is viewed today. The web has transformed the concept of E-learning and made it so flexible that today it is the preferred choice of many students.

There are different versions of E-learning activities, these include:

1. The Virtual Classroom model: This concept is a cusp of video conferencing wherein the mentor and student interact over a web based server through a education based software. The virtual classroom concept requires some basic infrastructure to be in place like the computer with high speed processor, power back up and high speed reliable internet connection. This feature of E-learning takes away the load of distance and brings all the students and teacher at one platform and creates classroom like environment.

2. Online E-Learning: This model of E-learning is significantly different from the earlier one and is dependent on courseware delivered over the internet to learners at a variety of locations where the interaction between the learner and the expereinces of their learning occur via network systems.

3. Fast E-learning model: This model is further development of the above point wherein the non technical subject matter experts and learners make use of multimedia in learning content.

EECPL has the experience of completing some of the most complex and comprehensive E-learning project for the educational world. The the expertise that we bring on to the table is probably the best in India. With inhouse capabilities of content development, EECPL is the one point of contact for your content development and E-learning design and development. Our development and project is based at India.

To know more about our E Learning content design and development services, send us an email at info@elkindia.com