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Help with SPSS, AMOS and STATA for your PhD Dissertation

Help with Dissertation Statistics using SPSS Stata SAS

The deeper you go into research, the greater will be the need to apply statistics. For complex statistical research, it is advisable to use software which are specially programmed and include a multitude of tests. The software are built in a user friendly manner for students, researchers, managers, policy makers and analysts. They enable the application of the most complex statistical test in a simplified manner.

Despite being interactive and having user-friendly features, the software take time to learn and require a working knowledge of the tools. This creates a challenge for the scholars, who are not well versed with the tools, and are unable to dedicate the requisite time for learning the software. Looking at the criticality of using the programmes for a comprehensive and correct research, the scholars often opt for dissertation statistics help service. Under this service, assistance is provided to the scholars, by PhD statisticians, for the research methodology and data analysis chapters of the dissertation.

ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd offers a targeted service for help with dissertation using SPSS and Stata. SPSS, or Statistical package for social sciences, is a popular programmes used by researchers for statistical analysis. The range of the software is wide, and it enables data collection, data mining and analysis.The following tests can be conducted with SPSS:

  • T-test
  • Anova
  • Manova
  • Regression
  • Co-linearity
  • Correlation
  • Linear regression
  • Mann Whitney
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Data normality
  • Structured Equation Modeling (SEM) using AMOS
SEM is conducted with the help of a specialized software Amos, which is also a product from SPSS. Both Amos and SPSS can be run on a number of platforms. Since, the comprehension of results in SPSS is the toughest part; our experts make it easy by copying the SPSS output screen on a word file and interpreting the inferences in a simplified manner.

Stata is also used by a number of scholars. SEM is done on Stata using path diagrams and graphical model builder, score tests and Wald tests. Comparison of variables is done with tests like Bonferroni, Turkey and Dunnett. It is possible to do multiple imputation and ROC analysis, and create multilevel mixed effect models, contour plans and unobserved components models. Stata 12 is the latest version with many added tests and features like automatic memory management.

Our experts focus on using the latest versions of SPSS and Stata for analysis. They receive regular training by professionals, to keep themselves updated and give the best result to scholars. We follow a blended learning process, through which our clients can learn the techniques for using the software. To know more about our statistic help service with SPSS and Stata, contact our project managers today.

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