Coaching for Research Design and Methodology

Coaching for Research Design and Methodology

The research design is the most essential stage in the process of research and needs to be done after the literature review is written. Being a blueprint of the research work to be done in the research methodology and data analysis chapters, it is critical to create a research design that is perfectly suited for the research topic and would give the desired results.

However, preparing a flawless research design, which is accurate, yet simple enough to be followed, is not an easy task. The multitude of factors to be considered and decisions to be taken make the task of getting the design right in the first attempt is next to impossible. The researcher needs to consider the following four factors while finalizing the research design:

Research questions : The issues that will be addressed by the research and questions that it will answer are settled first. The scholar would have identified the research gap in the previous chapter, and he must formulate the right questions that will fill that gap.

Relevant Data : Then, there is the challenge of identifying the target group and deciding the sample size for collection of data. There can be myriad sources, classified under primary and secondary sources. The scholar needs to decide what data is relevant and from where it can be sourced.

Methods of data collection :the research design deals with deciding the most suitable mode of data collection. This decision largely depends on the resources and time that the scholar has. Data for research can be collected through personal interviews, telephonic interviews, sample surveys, online surveys, and distribution of questionnaires and through secondary sources.

Method of data analysis : there are a number of statistical research methods and they are all equally complex. Selecting the right method for data management and analysis is tough. Thestatistical tests to be applied, to achieve the results required will haveto be identified in the research design. This part will state the software and tools that the researcher would be using, and the reason for their selection.

The above four elements can be said to be the pillars of research and define critical factors for a meaningful dissertation. To facilitate a perfect design,ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd provides coaching to researchers, who need help with the various aspects. Professional and expert guidance diminishes the challenge. Mistakes that the researchers might commit without the help are avoided. Guidance is provided by PhD experts, who provide valuable suggestions for choosing the methods and tools.They also help in preparation of questionnaires for data collection. To get in touch with our team of coaches, send a query to our project managers.